‘You are the dreamer of the world of dreams.’
(A Course in Miracles T-27.VII.13:1)

Some of you have taken birth in body in this era to awaken and end your dream cycle of births and deaths.

Do you feel a feeble unrest in you? Do you feel like reaching for something more serene? This could be a sign.

FaceYou could be an IT professional.  A social worker, an educator, a journalist, a management executive or a political enthusiast. Maybe a government employee, a marketing specialist, a CEO, a singer, a housewife or a gardener.

Remember, these are just ‘roles’ you have chosen to play in this lifetime. The real You is hidden within.

If you feel any resonance reading this, please take this quiz. 

1. Are you feeling alienated by the mainstream culture around you? discussions

2. Have you felt you might have a different purpose than you are pursuing now?

3. Do you wish to know what is the truth behind the ‘mystery of life’?

4. Do you feel that what world believes as reality isn’t always true?

5. Have you felt that ‘love’ has a different or a deeper meaning?

6. Do you feel religions don’t really quench your thirst?

7. Do you long for Truth like a kid wants a candy?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to more than three questions above, I might have something to tell you. Please don’t shy away. You are at home among those who love you. Click below to email about yourself.

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