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Thank you for your interest in Atma Retreats. AtmaPatha happily offers you a free web retreat. More details and corresponding link below.



Web Retreat [ FREE ]

After the successful web retreat ‘The Art of Loving’ held in January 2014, AtmaPatha’s second web retreat was launched on 17 July 2016. This remarkable retreat integrates personal quiet, active inner seeking, and precise guidance to help you to experience your true Self (atmanubhava).


Self is all there is. Self is God. Self is Brahman. Self is you. But to know this your little self has to whither away. This can happen as a step by step process or as an immediate whoosh experience, as repo rted by the realised ones from around the world.Know Your Self web retreat takes not more than 10 minutes of yours. But it leads you to a startling discovery of the real you. Unlike any other meditation you’ve encountered before, this is a free fall if you are following the instructions to the letter and spirit.

Here’s the direct link to the landing page. You’ll be asked for a password. Those who are genuinely interested in attempting this free but life-changing retreat, may contact me with a request. This is in line with the esoteric tradition of ancient masters initiating only those who are genuinely keen for liberation.