The true purpose of your life is Self-realisation.

Nothing else matters. Because nothing else is real or permanent.

mother-loveEverything you own today will be taken away from you. But, not the Self that you are. That’s your only permanent asset. That’s your final refuge, whether you are ready for it in this life or not. Self is your true home. Its nature is permanent bliss. Because it is your essence. It will guide you lovingly home, if you surrender your little ‘self’ (nama-roopa) to it. Yes, you’ll reach there in time. Then you’ll know that the Self is the real you. 

Quoting Inner Ramana : “Make all things about one thing. Make every thought and every experience an opportunity to be aware of Self. Make this your only purpose, and Self-realisation shall certainly become your reward.

Let nothing distract you from this one goal. Hold always to your practice. Seek the awareness of Self in all times and in all circumstances. Let finding Self be the only game that you play.

“Seek Self before you go to sleep at night.

Let the search for Self be the first thought when you awaken.

Inquire for the Self as you eat your meals.

Be aware of the Heart
as your hands are working.

As you recline, contemplate the Self. As you walk, carry your Heart with you.

Never let your attention stray
from your love of Self or your inquiry of it.

Let this be your one purpose, and live life fully.

Ask only for Self,
and awareness of Self shall be given.” 

Atma Dhyana is a way to access the Self.


“The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you choose, is ‘Know thy Self.’ There is nothing else to seek.”

A Course in Miracles

“You are always that Self and nothing but that Self. The Self is God.”

Ramana Maharishi 

Self is not the result of we accumulating anything. Self is our truth. But our false mind has hidden it from our awareness. Like the butter is hidden in the milk. You know what a confused bundle of thought-words-concepts-judgments, mind is. It is hiding your true nature from you. 🙂

We always try to perceive what is outside. Getting caught in this judgement-suffering cycle prevents you from knowing who you really are.

If you try any method while your mind is rooted in fear (which you are unaware of), you’ll drop it off soon. Because the fear mind will not allow you to escape.

This is why many fail in reaping results from their spiritual quests.

“Some of the later steps in this course, however, involve a more direct approach to God Himself. It would be unwise to start on these steps without careful preparation, or awe will be confused with fear, and the experience will be more traumatic than beatific.”


Self-enquiry is an intensely direct approach to Truth. Hence, it would be unwise to start on these steps without careful purification. Or fear will make you throw away your practice and make you flee back into dream. 

So, Atma Dhyana first helps you to come out of fear. Please note that this step was/is not recognised by classical advaita. Which is why advaita produces a lot of siddhantin (theoreticians), yet fails to deliver them from ego-mind. Classical advaita did not recognise that the core of the dream of this world is, fear. Without dealing with this darkness within, you won’t be able to be an efficient sadhaka (practitioner).

This is the AtmaPatha Way } Self-forgive > Self-enquiry > Self-realise 

idea1. SELF-FORGIVENESS }The first step toward realising Atma is cleansing the self of fear.

Here, forgiveness of yourself is used as the radical means. First, you forgive all and everything in your life with the basic understanding that all acts are done within maya. When you start forgiving yourself through others and their words, thoughts and actions, the peace that fills you shall show you that all is indeed, maya! As you start feeling more what is real and what is unreal, you go on easily forgiving everyone and everything. This process will cleanse out fear completely from your mind. This is the first step to reverse your state of mind from perception of fear to perception of love.

idea2. SELF-ENQUIRY } The next step is discovering that you are the Self. 

When you begin to forgive you’ll come to know that this life is just a dream. You will begin to know that there’s a rich inner life you had not explored before. You will come to know that you are the Holy Self within. That you are not your form or name or body. You will discover that your guidance, your messiah, your sadhguru is within you and the Self is that Guru. Some call it ‘higher Self’ or ‘inner Self’ etc. Go into silence and listen to this guru inside you. The Holy Self is your Guru. It will guide you, protect you, give you everything you need to lead a rich inner life. The easiest way to know your guru is the method of Self-Abidance.

idea3. SELF-REALISATION } The final step is experiencing and abiding in, the Self. 

The only true knowledge is Self-knowledge. Your thoughts, beliefs, ideas and concepts are all misinformation. The Self is pure awareness. I Am awareness alone. Awareness alone is the Self. You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. To be in this awareness of the Self, free from the ego-i-me-mine, is the great tapas. By merging in this all-pervading awareness, you are knowing You / God / Truth. By asking ‘who am i?’ you’ll see that you are not your body, your name, or your status or your form or anything that you thought were you! So you begin to take refuge in the Self. When you abide in the Self, the mind fades away. Thoughts lose their power. You feel peace flowing from you. You lose all doubts and you will keep quiet at heart. At this moment, ego is crumbled to dust. It can’t do anything because you don’t value it. This is how you stay in the Kingdom of God, here and now. Only when you taste your Self you’ll be in ananda, pure bliss.

This is the AtmaPatha method of Self-realisation.


How do you do it? How do you abide in the Self? 

Self is not an object. Hence it is very difficult to put in words what it is. ‘Boundless as space is the Self’ (Brahadaranyaka Upanishad). It is forever shining pure state of bliss. But to know the Self, you first go silent and close your eyes. Step into the quiet awareness. When you are aware of your awareness, you are tasting the Self. Let the awareness watch your awareness. That is, simply stay aware of your awareness. That’s all.

Close your eyes and do this Atma Dhyana and you will turn into awareness. As easy as that! Thoughts will not be able to imprison you anymore! Thus with no outward reason, you will immediately blend in ananda or bliss. Because having escaped from the false stream of thoughts, you will remain in your true nature. Remember, the true nature of the Self is ananda. [ ‘The nature of the Self is happiness’. (Ramana Maharshi) ]

This is the ‘Holy Instant’ A Course in Miracles requests us to practice. In there, you have no needs. You stay in the ‘now’. You stay in love. You become free of illusions. You remember the truth!

Practise this more often. Start doing this daily one-minute or five-minutes or whichever is comfortable for you. Gradually you’ll love the feeling of the Self that you’ll sit submerged happily for longer periods. For no other activity is meaningful as seeking and knowing your Self. For, no other knowledge can be called knowledge, but the knowledge of the Self.


Self is All That Is. Rest is all unreal.

Happy awakening!




Here’s the Atma Dhyana to become aware of your Self [ Based on Michael Langford’s AWA method ]:

If any of the above is found to be too difficult to follow or practice, please don’t feel discouraged. Just cheer up 🙂 and offer your complete willingness to know the Truth. You don’t need to bear the weight of all these enquiries. You’ll be guided like a child is safely guided by the parent.

Just give your willingness and remain honest in your seeking. Your intense desire to liberation itself will guide you. And happily, this will be the last of your desires 🙂

Take heart! Love is already taking care of you!

Arise! Awake!


It’s a miracle that you have read this far 🙂 

Not many reach to this end unless

they have a calling to higher levels of consciousness

and even a calling to get out of consciousness 🙂

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