AtmaPatha teaches a method of Self-enquiry through ‘Radical Forgiveness’. 

This is a joyful blend of teachings of Jesus and Ramana 🙂

When asked once by Swami Yogananda, a Swami with a large following in America, what spiritual instruction should be given to the people for their uplift, Ramana Maharshi replied: “It depends on the temperament and spiritual maturity of the individual. There can be no mass instruction.”


So, before we set out on a spiritual quest, we need to strengthen our temperament and get matured. Let us see first, what prevents this from happening, in most of our cases.

1. We live in the vibrations of our secret guilts + secret fears. We are perpetually caught in our “personal repertory of horrors” (W-pI.14.6:1) This is why our spiritual practices are not sustained. You need tremendous efforts to transform as you are trying to push away your fears without knowing where are they hiding. Thus most of us fall back and remain where we started.

2. For such a species entangled in a collective dream of fear + guilt, the truth of the Self (atma) remains hidden forever. Which is why only less than one percent of human population get to know or understand what Self is.

3. ‘Radical Forgiveness’ as taught by A Course in Miracles is the first step. It teaches you to forgive everything and everyone at all times, as it is all unreal, as it is all effects of maya.

4. The more you forgive with the knowing that life is unreal, the easier you move from your fear consciousness to love consciousness. This is extremely important if you wish to be liberated.

5. The peace that comes from Radical Forgiveness, helps you to start a sustainable inner journey to enquire and know your Self in a practical and joyful way.

6. Forgiveness of the unreal around you, helps you cross over from fear consciousness to true love consciousness. That leads you to abide in your Self with nothing else to disturb you.

6. The truthful foundation of  the Self – ‘I Am That I Am’ – can be vague and confusing to most of humans. Awareness Watching Awareness Meditation (as taught by Michael Langford, a student of Ramana’s teachings) is found to be the best and easy method to abide in the Self.

In a nutshell, this is the AtmaPatha practice.



TortYou are seeing and experiencing a meaningless, unreal world.

Dakshinamurthy Stotram (Hymn to Dakshniamurty) teaches } “….All our mundane experience is a display of Mâyâ. Like unto sushupti (unconscious mind or deep sleep), Mâyâ is nullified by knowledge of Atman (Brahman or the immortal aspect of man)….”

A Course in Miracles teaches } “….Not one thing in this world is true. It does not matter what the form in which it may appear….” (W-L240) But we are not ready to realise that. Hence we continue a life of suffering. Remember the ‘Matrix’ line? ‘What you see is not what is real’ 😉

Craving is not the ultimate cause of our dukkha. Our belief in separation is. Separation from our true Self that is the Source.

A vital understanding will come to us if we follow a sincere quest: That we are not our names or our bodies or our careers. That which we see in the mirror is a physical extension of a greater, vaster, deeper non-physical us.

This awareness is a miracle. Such a miracle can lead us to what we are really seeking. What you are really seeking is you.

Zen Walk


“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”   A Course in Miracles (Introduction)


The unreal has no existence, and the Real never ceases to be. ” The Bhagavad Gita II.16



You see, the celestial revelations that gave us our scriptures, is progressive evolutionary in nature. They evolve as we evolve and expand enough to understand. We thought the revelations ended a long time ago. Some religions claim so. Well, who are we to say that the Source has stopped communicating? Who are we to say only a few prophets could listen and the last prophet had died and gone and the Source shall not reveal itself to anyone anymore? 😉

The revelations have not ended. And never shall they, till even one unhealed aspect of creation remains in the dream-maya.

Rather, more astonishing wisdom is being revealed to humans through phenomena now called ‘channelling’, ‘inner dictation’ and more. Upanishads and Quran etc were examples of earlier channelled works. Called Apaurusheya in Sanskrit, the phenomenon causes pure, loving wisdom to flow into us from non-human, higher dimension sources. Unlike the ancient channelled works, which had human ego-corruption in its verses when transcribed, the modern ones are complete with pure love and the wisdom of the Absolute. Like the scripture you revere now had taken centuries to seep into minds and open up into new thoughts, it may take a few hundred years ahead for humans to completely understand, accept, and imbibe the wisdom in these relatively new and deeper scriptures. Nevertheless, AtmaPatha has dived into them headlong, uncaring of acceptance, knowing that in a world of projection, there cannot be anyone else needing salvation, but oneself 🙂

A Course in Miracles revealed during 1965-72, takes you beyond the vedantic non-dualism into the realm of perfect Oneness. It is a deep and assuringly practical manual for thought reversal. You may put it to use in your daily life for peace and joy you never knew before. Yes, it is all completely heterodox. It is a sledgehammer on our marshmallow heads. A Course in Miracles is not here to confirm our fallacies and idiocies and make us feel good about our little selves. But to lovingly correct them and then totally undo them 😉

Late Indian teacher, Tara Singh introduces, A Course in Miracles:  


A Course of Love is a three-book series of revealed writings on the nature of the Self. The voice of the book says ‘I ask you only to pause, to give the mind a rest, to enter a realm foreign to the mind and yet beloved to the heart..’ An astonishing sequel to A Course in Miracles.

First receiver, Mari Perron introduces, A Course of Love:


The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament is also a revealed book that gives us the truth behind each verse of the New Testament. AtmaPatha calls this work, ‘The True Testament’.

Scribe Regina Dawn Akers introduces The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament

Together, the wisdom of love from these three books plus the teachings of Ramana Maharshi form the vision of AtmaPatha. This vision promises you divine guidance from within yourself and offers you a fresh path for Self-realisation that can lead you to the Kingdom of Love.


So what is real and what is unreal? Here are the basic principles of AtmaPatha: 

Let us proceed with an open heart when we are relaxed and focused: 

1. All and everything are One and same spirit separated only by illusion. ‘That thou art’ (Tat tvam asi). As reported in the book of Moses, the Source calls itself : I Am that I Am (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ehyeh ašer ehyeh [ehˈje aˈʃer ehˈje])

2. We are one eternal being seemingly progressing over many lives through the illusions of duality into the light of Oneness. All our so-called lives one after another, appearing as if we are ‘progressing’ through a linear time, is also an illusion. In truth, we have never left the Source. ‘The Self is Brahman’ (Ayam Atma Brahma).

3. Love and Ego are the polarities that define our existence. Our orientations fall under the shades of these two. Yet, our true being has no such separations within. Within the context of this dream state of maya, wherein contrasts can exist, we always have a choice. Our experiences and learning depend on our choice between these two fundamentals (the latter being non-existent).

4. Love is the essence of Self, and Self is the only truth, freedom is its nature, and bliss its fruit. There are no rights or wrongs or sins or punishment by an external judge, and there never exists a trial based on one’s morals. There is no hell. Our apparent crimes are our apparent punishments.

5. Not knowing our Self and getting caught in the illusion of separateness from Source is our only seeming error. It rectifies over several lives as experiences of contrasting lessons keep refining us till we reach the true knowing. In truth, everything explained here is a dream. Only the Source is real. ‘Brahman is real, the world is unreal’ (Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya)

6. All human arguments for or against God are meaningless as these debates are held within our state of innate delusion. Only when we reach the highest capacities of love within ourselves, we can understand what Godbeing is. Highest does not mean hardest. It means ‘simplest’.

7. We are innately pure. ‘I am Brahman’ (Aham Brahmasmi) Godspark is always within us and we touch it alive through continuing act of loving and forgiving. This is the most radical form of forgiving, where we do not ‘forgive’ for the sake of mercy, but we forgive in true understanding that there is no crime or attack against us and there is no one but ourselves to forgive. It is all seemingly so. This process helps us to end the illusion of endless rebirths and suffering.

8. Our illusory dependence on material experiences can work as a hindrance in realising these truths. Yet, we need not renounce material experiences. By such formal ‘renouncing’ we make us believe that there is actually a world out there to renounce 🙂 Rather, by knowing that all experiences are catalysts or a curriculum for our learning (which is necessary only up to the point of our belief in wanting to learn) that expands our consciousness, we progress to transcend all longings.

AtmaPatha does not ask me to renounce anything. It requests me to experience everything, forgive everything, and transcend everything. Experience. Forgive. Transcend. [ E. F. T.] Call it AtmaPatha‘s Everyday Freedom Technique 🙂

9. All our journeys are toward the light. Yet, this is a journey without distance, as we have never left our Source. ‘He am I’ (So’ham). To wake up in Source, we pass through our darkness – our tiny, mad faith in separation – by taking our dark into the Source’s light with the help of knowledge (jnana) and not by trying to bring Source into our illusions, as the conventional religions do.

10. No human teacher, no external tutor can take you to where you truly belong: Self. You may very well set a self-study curriculum without gurus, ministers or spiritual leaders, and be devoted to your quest. You will meet your inner teacher (higher self, the mentor within, inner guide) who will begin to guide you. This voice – unlike the mental chatter voice inside us all the time – will lead you gently to where you rightfully belong; to peace, love, and final knowing. ‘I am all’ (Aum).

11. You begin by realising that you had till now seemingly chosen ego (the part of mind that believes in separation) as your teacher (which again, is non-existent) and having a goal of undoing this choice. All right learning is unlearning.

12. All’s well. Always. Do not fear anything. Least of all, your death. Death is obviously never an end but a helpful process of transition from one state of existence to another. Death is not the exit from this dream. Truth is. Our being is endless as it is beginingless. The Beingness of you has nothing to do with the illusion of time and space and it remains unblemished in its true state of Ananda. Long for it. Enquire for it. And you shall find it within you.


[ AtmaPatha is a life path for any learner who chooses to teach to learn. No one asks you to accept or believe these percepts; because all’s well as always and will be forever. Go easy on yourself and have fun. Always remember to laugh. 🙂 ]

Let us be frank with this.

If we keep seeking solutions out in this world, we will always be disappointed. When we solve one problem, the next one shall appear. Suffering (dukkha) is the defining nature of this existence. That is so because the core of the dream of this world, is fear.

Joy of advaita No. God did not create this world or you in a body. The world believes that God can be prayed into our lives. This is now found to be a fallacy. How can God be present in our state of illusion? How can perfection come into imperfection? Which is why our quest for God out in the world fails miserably. Which is why certain scientists ‘find out’ that God is a delusion. They can’t be blamed for not finding God where ‘he’ isn’t.

Finding God is a simple business.

But an unsettling one too. It is not for the casual. It is an impossible task for the intelligent or the intellectual. It is not for anyone who believes that he as a seeker exists within a separate identity with a separate body and can ‘understand’ the Source with his fleshy brain, while being in the phenomena of the world (maya/dream) with his five senses as tools of analysis, which science itself confesses as pathetically inadequate. Looking for God/Truth while rooted in the dream (bodily existence) is like trying to scoop up fire with butter spoons.

As the AtmaPatha joke goes: You can’t even see your butt without a mirror, let alone God!

All our lives, you and I believed that our senses are reporting to us a real world of substance. And that we are capable in understanding what reality is. However, this also is now found to be misleading. 🙂 “Each second there are about 100 billion ghostly solar neutrinos passing through the tip of your finger and every other square centimetre of your body, whether you are indoors or outdoors, or whether it is day or night, without your body noticing them or them noticing your body. At night, they go through the entire Earth before reaching you.” [ NASA’s Cosmos ]

We are now found by particle physics to be fermions, hadrons, bosons, leptons, and quarks that mostly exist for fractions (less than a billionth) of a second. [ Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D., Former Science Editor, HowStuffWorks ]

We thought only what we see exist. Well parallel universespotential existence in many life avatars at the same time, and that the ‘total energy of the universe is exactly zero’ [Stephen Hawkins] must be then news for us. [ Josh Clark, Science Writer ]

The new wisdom informs us that this universe does not exist outside us. That we are spending our lives in a holographic dream (maya) in a state of seeming separation from our Source. That our true nature is spirit as Source created us, and will be so eternally. That we are pure and innocent and always will be so. Makes sense. Can anything done in dream affect us in reality?

Well.. are you sitting there and having that very same medieval smile when somebody once heard that the earth is not flat? 🙂 If you walk in here with your heads high in all certainty that you ‘know’ what is to know, then you are bound to fail once again. If we had the right answers already, then why still do we suffer? 🙂

So the prime question is: Are we ready to be humble? Are we ready to accept the fact that we do not understand anything other than through our programmed minds, and that we need to let go of our so called learning? Are we in the state of Arjuna Vishada Yoga (Arjuna’s despondency) or the dark night of the soul (St. John of the Cross) to receive the Truth? If so, these times are good for further learning. But then, for the arrogant ones among us who think that they know for sure, these times are going to be truly ground-shaking.

Be like a child. Have his wonder and awe. Such a sincere quest of our ‘Self’ shall show us the Truth. And this Truth shall set us free.