A genuine spiritual path removes all illusions from you. 

It does not make anyone a ‘follower’ or a devotee. It does not add members or convert anyone. It sets you free from paths and concepts. AtmaPatha (formerly named AnandaPatha) is a pathless path that appeared in the summer of 2013. I still wonder how it happened. The idea was inspired by my sadhana in A Course in Miracles.


In Sanskrit, Ātma Pātha means ‘The Path of the Self’. AtmaPatha is based on pure Jesusian Nondualism. It draws inspiration from revealed scripture A Course in Miracles and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

AtmaPatha identifies that the ultimate truth is non-dual. Yet, it is not a copycat of classical advaita vedanta. As more scriptures are being revealed—even the ones that surpass the depth of Upanishads—I was inspired to receive non-dual wisdom from East and West to form a livelier understanding of divine realism.

What’s the most sublime contribution of the East to mankind? The idea of Maya.

What’s the most sublime contribution of the West to mankind? The idea of Forgiveness.

AtmaPatha identifies that when seen separately, these concepts don’t make sense. But when you blend it, you have a direct experience of Truth!

AtmaPatha helped me get out of avidya, my seeming unawareness of Truth. Even this sentence carry claims about ‘me’ and ‘mine’. All such identifications are used for the purpose of exchange of ideas. This body is not me. Neither you are your body. Then who are you? That’s where the fun starts 🙂

Do you like enquiries more than traditions?

AtmaPatha can help guide you out of this fantasia they call ‘life’. There is no spiritual teacher here. Nor this is a spiritual organisation or a religious group. It neither looks for followers nor encourages any forms of conversion. It lovingly leads you to the Guru in yourself : Self, the Atma.

Of course, you will step in only if you are ‘ripe’. It is alright. In reality, everything is alright.

May you be joyous always!