The quality of listening to nothingness, recreates us into everything.

Words are not you. They cannot be you. They cannot even represent you. This is our first and most important step toward our love for silence.

This silence is not the absence of words. It is a new language by itself. Here begins your rediscovery.

What is lost by language is restored by silence. It shines like the sun stream that twinkles off the dewy green leaf edges. It sparkles like the silvery glow on a morning brook. Just be with it. Be there and live there when you can step out of the world.

This dive into the unknowing depths of the vastness is certainly an adventure in self-discovery. You see silence is deeper than any ocean. Even oceans have beds where it ends or begins. Where’s the bottom line of silence?

It is vaster than the sky for it holds matter of many forms but where’s any interruption in pure silence? It is this sense of an unknowing that makes you afraid to go anywhere near it.

If anything prevents us from savouring the nectar of silence, it is our mortal gross nature, the unreal armour that decays in time. What’s so heavy in us, the flesh and bones and conditionings of believing ourselves as mere body, prevent us from accepting silence as our language.

Delusions are aplenty: we have things to do, places to go, and other bodies to be with.

A regular practitioner of silence realises that these are all blatant lies. This is a realisation that opens you into your freedom. Whatever had hindered you from being joyous, all conditionings just fall away and burn away like old snake skin, when you immerse in silence.

Silence is not merely the language of the divine. It is the doorway to you, the divine.