Today, we will look at the idea of planning.

You plan your life. That’s what the world asks you to do. Plan your week, plan your month, plan your year. Even five-year-plans 🙂

Since the middle of 2014, once I was convinced of the futility of planning, I’d left it all to dry up, all my plans so far. And I began to live with no plans at all. You see, you are fooled to make yourself believe that time is future. Whenever you hear the word, time (kaalam), you think of ’time to come’. Thus the emphasis is on future. Now, that’s fearful to you. What’s ahead? You can’t see. You only see darkness, unknowingness. Hence this fear asks you to plan for future.

This is a finely laden trap.

Look at the idea of planning. All your plans are ideas. Ideas are thoughts. And thoughts that seem valid to you, you choose, right? What is valid to you? What is based on your experience. All idea-thought-concepts that are rubbed and tested on your experience you choose. So you plan based on what has been proved ‘valid’ to you in the past. See where the trap lies!

Thus each of your plan for your future is a copycat of what has come from your past. By planning based on your ideas, you are merely xeroxing your past. Now do you see the futility of the idea of ‘planning to change’? How can anyone plan anything — which is all based on past — and have change ahead?

This is the world’s teaching to you. Plan and be safe.

Please examine this with me. Has the world been any more safer as you planned? How can anyone fix something without knowing the possibilities of what is to come? How many dimensions shall you cover? How many points of weakness shall you guard? If it all made sense, then by now the world should have been the safest place for you. Is this been your experience?

This sense of control is an illusion, my dear.

You don’t need to try to control something you can never have control on. The web of actions, the web of words, and the web of thoughts will weave up on one side. All you need to do is trust this moment. ‘The mind that plans is thus refusing to allow for change…And it does not see that here and now is everything it needs to guarantee a future quite unlike the past, without a continuity of any old ideas and sick beliefs.’ [ A Course in Miracles W. L 135. 16. 1-4)

What happened to me? Grace helped me to listen to my master’s words, let tomorrow be anxious about itself and let today be fulfilled by itself. In these two years, more have flowed into me. More in quantity. More in quality. And in the years I’d planned, it was merely a trickle. All, everything you need, be it companionship, sense of belonging, togetherness, sense of safeness, experiences of pure love, and all that need to sustain your life, shall flow to you.

For this moment is the treasure. Trust this treasure. Don’t listen to those fearful arguments of your mind. Begin to live trusting the mystery that’ll be always unknown to you. There’s nothing exciting like it.

This is the path to change.