Scriptures are from the eternal. They belong to eternity.

You’ve no issue with this idea. Yet, do you realise that the one who is holding the tattered book, is holier than that? Don’t you count yourself eternal? Not very much. Hence this rush for the old; for the testaments of the yore, given to the bygones, scribed by the dead.

Don’t you see that you are prophets alive? And that you don’t necessarily be the scholars of the dead?

Sruthi, the heard, the given, the transmitted, had been considered as priceless keepsake by most old civilisations. Indian region had the vedas, the upanishads. The middle east has had the testaments, old, new, then the young one, the koran.

The given were given to the ones who received them. We’ve had five thousand years of interpretations of these scriptures. Even today, every now and then, more interpretations are printed. The remake of the dead word. Humans striving their hardest best to enliven the old words! They label it as ‘new’, ‘fresh’, ‘modern’ interpretations of these ancient scripts.

What a futile labour!

Don’t you see that each of you is a prophet? There has never been the last one or can never be. For you’re the one who always had been! It was you, the Adam, the Abraham, and the Thoth! And the transmission has never ended.

Hush! Listen! The heart has always kept whispering to you. Have you given ears to it? Scriptures in tonnes shall still come through you. For, the wisdom never tires reminding the sleeping dreamer of dream of life, to wake up.

You do not need to go back to the words written and dead on papyrus or pamphlets. For the vision is still flowing through you, yes, you! Only if one would listen with one’s heart. In any which manner has it flowed, to any various of cultures it has arrived, in whatever shape it has been preserved, the wisdom has only the very same dictum to profess. Thou art Self. [ You are That. ]

Why bother anymore to read the old? Listen to the new in you.

Why be the scholar of the dead? Be the prophet of what’s alive.