Your china cup breaks. Your slipper wears out. Your sari loses its sheen. See how matter disintegrates. Same is the case with the material world around us. It also breaks up with wars, diseases, terrorism and more.

Please realise that this is the nature of matter. You cannot change it. It will always whither away. Then why are you disappointed by deaths and decay? Why wonder why this world is so unstable?

Instead of worrying, please see that you are witnessing this phenomena of withering for a reason.

You are not here to build this world new. You have already built it with your thoughts. You are not here to save this world. It is not to be saved.

You are here only to realise what the *bleep* all this is about. You are here to realise who you truly are.

And you experience the real you by knowing you are ‘not this’, ‘not this’, ‘not this..’ You are not here for your car. You are not here for your bank statements. You are not here for your wife. You are not here for your husband or children or career or fame or religion or political affiliation or caste or nationality or government or the rebels.

You are here to know that you are not a body. You are here to know that you are The Source of you.

This is why you project a world and imagine you are mere molecules controlled by time and space. To undergo a comical existence and realise through experience that you are ‘not this’, ‘not this’, ‘not this..’

This is what wisdom of all ages have tried to remind us. We are not listening. We merely live mesmerised, confused, and frightened. And dismiss all this as ‘philosophy’ and continue to suffer.

Don’t you want to change?