A friend sent me a weblink to a piece of violin.

While listening to the original composition, I was sinking into pathos mood. It led me to think of hurt. Who isn’t hurt at one point or the other? It’s so easy to feel hurt. Such creatures like humans with a bundle of nerves, how easy is it for them to get hurt.

With no second thoughts, I made a quick short video of 3:33 minutes.


I wasn’t aware of what I was saying beyond my idea of the theme. Then it came to me that to deal with one’s hurt, one need to step back. This stepping back process is quite testing. Who doesn’t love to wallow in the dirt of one’s hurt? 🙂

On the other hand, if you can manage to trust the life force (you breathe without your knowing, so like Mooji said, something is working here, isn’t it, trust at least that) and step out of the muck of your pain, you’d see a flow taking your pain away in time.

Step back. Don’t interfere in your own life. Let it play. It’s possible. Nothing’s shared here that isn’t tested and tried.

Let the life play. It’s not yours as you think. Nothing’s ours. And we are owned by no pain. This is another method I use when I seem to step into pain: I can tell myself that I don’t own this pain. Neither does this pain own me. That helps me to feel okay first and feel fine next and feel jubilant a little later.

See! Don’t interfere. Let the life play.