That which we are anxious to get, is not love. That which we demand from her or him is not love. That which we give to her or his body is not love. That which we long for our body, is not love.

In short, we know not much about Love.

Love is what we are within. It has no illusion of ‘needs’. It will always give, give, give. If we frown at this sentence, that’s because we have built many barriers of fears within, to prevent us from seeing Love within.

1. Love is patient, because it comes from beyond time and does not know the concept of impatience.2. Love is kind, because it knows of no attack and is never threatened. 3. Love is never puffed up because it knows no order of difficulties and has nothing to prove to anyone. 4. Love does not dishonour anyone for it knows no distinction between honour and dishonour. 5. Love is not self-seeking because it sees no ‘self’. It always sees all. 6. Love never fails, because there is nothing else or nothing against it.

Have a love-filled day!

POST SCRIPT: Yes, Sanskrit has 96 words for ‘love’. But all 96 fall under classifications of passionate ‘Eros’ or attraction ‘Philia’ and none that resonates with ‘Agape’, the truth-spirited love. Sorry, ‘maitri’ is such a weak word for Love taught here.