Why do we study? To know. But by ‘studying’ we only learn. We do not come to ‘know’. So studying is not the way.

Nothing we learn shall contribute to knowing. For it comes not from our faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch.

It comes only from the One mind. Our source of knowing is neither outside nor inside of us. It is neither existent nor non-existent. It merely is. The best-kept secret about knowing is that we already know. But our unwillingness hides it. Only that.

Knowing never forces in. It just flows. It is never loud. For, it comes as whispers. It is never controlled. For, it is beyond any control.

Like you cannot grab moonlight, like you cannot collect water with closed palms, knowing cannot be argued or bargained with.

It floats into your awareness when you release your fears of survival. It then guides you gently, by holding your hand, to noble miracles.

Empty your mind first. How do we empty mind? You cannot empty your mind by saying ‘oh mind, empty yourself’. You can only empty it by filling it with your readiness. By merely ‘being’ in willingness.

Yes, secrets are sometimes confusing!

Those who are ready and willing get it. <3