Many among us read often about the power of mind to manifest. Manifest what? Some call it Law of Attraction. Attract what?

By wishing to bring about more wealth, more gadgets, more toys into your life, you are destroying your heart’s wish to have what you really need: Joy. Aw, does this sound awful? Here’s the good (grooviest) news: All we need is Joy and we already have it! Because we are inherent joy. We are already manifestation of Joy. Only our thoughts prevent us from becoming aware of what we really are!

Do you think we see a butterfly and ‘then’ become joyful? Nope. What really happens is that we merely ‘lose’ distractions and become ‘truer’ then. Butterfly is only a trigger. So then we wonder, why do we see a starving child and ‘then’ become sad? Know this please: Whenever we fall sad, we become ‘falser’. Do those butterflies and starving children cause our joy and suffering? Not really. Our interpretations seem to cause such sadness and joy in us.

The truthful Joy spoken of here has nothing to do with effects of our interpretations of a seeing a butterfly or a starving child. Such emotions will swing and shift. Don’t trust them at all. That’s why now you’re happy, next you feel lonely. You may rush to feed the starving child at one moment and at another state of mind, you will not even care to look at her. This state of mind of ours is unreliable. You may say ‘woww’ to a butterfly and next moment if somebody says, ‘Oh, that butterfly is worth a million rupees’ you’ll dive at it with your net. 🙂 So you see, emotional states are not a reliable place to witness what is the Truth.

The true Joy mentioned here is non-causative. Cause is you yourself. No other cause is necessary. You don’t need money. You don’t need a swanky villa. You don’t need a gleaming car. You can never find Joy with such transitory means. Which is why we see millions of old men and women (who we respect, of course) sitting by their sad windows and drooping balcony plants, sighing, wondering what went wrong with their lives. They too were once young like you and were running after careers and shopping malls or sightseeing in NY or travelling on planes so thrilled. Or if they were poor they were at least hoping to have all this and never had.

How will you get to this seemingly elusive Joy? Becoming aware is a process of dropping everything. This sentence might create fear in some. Which is why the rich man had a drooping face when the Master said ‘Go sell everything and come to me’. What is being taught here is not to go sell everything, but to drop our sacred sense of attachment. We often fear we’ll lose everything. So we grab. In truth, nothing is being lost here. Only our baggage of misery will be lost. Everything will be added unto you, when you experience this Kingdom of Joy that is already within you. A few inboxed me saying ‘you got into all this spirituality mess and we lost the artist in you’. They are yet to know the bliss of what’s being talked about here ‘that passeth human understanding’. [ We won’t really ‘understand’ it, we can experience it though, if we are willing. ]

Try this: when you get some free time, drop all anxieties and thoughts of your ‘needs’ and imagine you’re FREE from all such expectations. Sit quietly. Sit in silence. Let thoughts come and go. But you are going to check if you can experience this bliss, even if it is for a minute or two. Just tell yourself, your joy needs no cause outside. You’ll taste the Kingdom today. But, to sustain it, you’ve to commit yourself in complete willingness. And the holiness within you will show you the right way. Which is why you don’t actually need any guru to find the Truth. You’re already your guru. You’re already your Joy!

So, what else is there to manifest?
There’s great Love here for you. <3