So you want to know the message of crucifixion? Madness.

Yes, madness is the message of what the world commemorates as ‘the crucifixion’. No, I haven’t got sold to the Dawkins’ club. This is pure common sense.

Think fresh please: What’s the best way to wipe off somebody’s teaching? Scandalise him. How does the world make us forget a messiah? You kill him when you see him on the road. So when you kill him what do you learn? That he is as vulnerable and weak and helpless and a mortal like you. If somebody’s as weak as you, will you sit to learn from him? Nope.

jesus anandapathaThat’s the game of this world. Crucifixion is the best way to veil the real and original Jesus. Crucifixion is the best way to establish the worst lie in you: that you are a weak mortal that sprouts and dies off like a fungus. Haven’t we watched Hollywood movies wherein commanders shout to the retreating armies: ‘Fear not, he is not god, he’s just a man like us, so go forth and slain’? That’s what you do to Jesus (and to think we got even his name so wrong!). We kill him every year so that the egomind can convince us that ‘look who’s in pain how can you be different’.

What we make out of the idea of a death of Jesus is only a phantom idea of our own fears. For like any other drama of murders that you believe to befall on man has also fallen on Jesus. This commemoration justifies our fear and nothing more than that. By reducing the Sonship of the Source into a sorry figure, we are unconsciously celebrating a life of misery rooted in our nightmare.

A beaten and fallen Jesus is the justified projection of your archetypal fear of God. It is the most graphic mass projection of the phantom fears nestled within the collective subconscious. We crucify him repeatedly so that we can feel within what a sinner we are, as brainwashed by church. Why else do you think it’s so hard to find a smiling / laughing Jesus even on Google Images, let alone in a ‘christian’ home 🙂

Is this how we like to remember the most radiant and the radical one who walked on earth? What was taught, what was transcribed, what was adopted and what was followed?

The christian memorial day of ‘Good Friday’ shall only leave groves of deep fear in our psyche and in the world’s psyche. We are driving the idea of fear deeper into your children. They like you in turn, grow up believing in the ‘reality’ of pain, whereas what the Master proved was pain isn’t real, but only Love is. The phenomenon of Love is too deep and vast for the egomind to grasp and it understands nothing of truth. Hence our collective egomind builds a fabric of horror terrifying enough to wipe off the real teachings and to install mere fear in place of those. Ask yourself: does the measure of intensity of our joy in the Master’s resurrection match the intensity of our horror in his crucifixion?

Absolutely not. We only remember the bad news. We always forget the marvellous. So what kind of psyche remains in us? That of Love and hope and rejoicing or that of fear?

Jesus the man in a body is as illusory as you in a body. And please allow it to be laid aside gently. But the consciousness of Christ is true and alive in this dream-life. Which is why many follow him even when he isn’t seen. Jesus is not the only Christ. But he is the first representation of the complete manifestation. And what he taught is that we too are, but we do not remember it or recognise it.

See, it’s like the salt that disappears in water. Once, blend, you don’t see the white salt in water anymore. But the saltness is filled in water. This is how the consciousness of pure love lives in us. To embrace that we no longer need a Jesus in body visible to eyes. The truth is blend in us. Indeed the truth is us. But we do not understand that we are Christ ourselves, so we say Christ ‘lives in us’.

To bring into awareness an event that has no significance year after year is insane. Rather, to bring to awareness how we are all Christ is the most humanely divine act, we can do to ourselves.

Postscript: How many days and nights did Jesus say that he’ll be in the heart of the earth in Matthew 12:40? And how many days and nights fall between your Good Friday and Easter Sunday? 🙂 Do you need any more proof that you have been taken for a ride by Emperor Constantine’s catechism class?

Good Friday? No worries please. Yeshua ben Joseph always forgives. 😉