LeadIn the whole of ten years in school, I never spoke to a girl. I could only sneak a look at boys hanging around them chatting and laughing along. Yea, pretty much a Hollywood cliche today 😉 Honestly, I never got the courage then. I was worried they’d stare and scream at me: ‘Go away man’.

Back then, shrinks would have labelled me ‘Type HSP – Highly Sensitive Person‘. All through life, I’ve spent hours worrying in anxieties undefined even to myself. When my first screenplay became a movie, a college mate rang up and said: ‘I didn’t know you were this sensitive’. I was glad that he saw that my writing came from that sensitive spot. But before making a right sense of all this, you could say I was ruining my life with my sensitivity.

IMG_6928Frederik Bartz is a Paris-based stand-up comedian. Even if a hundred people applause for his performance, one critic can rob his peace. Bartz is abusing his own sensitivity.

Laila Mustapha works at a large bakery in Istanbul. She gets due promotions, happy pats from customers, and a steady flow of proposals too. Yet, she breaks down often at night, considering that she is appreciated by many. Ms Mustapha is wrecking herself with unclear signals picked up by her sensitive ‘antenna’.

Some of my friends refuse to read newspapers. They say they’ll weep reading reports on rape, child molestation, and torture.

All those said above are refusing to realise what unseen treasure they have at hand! I realised it only after forty-two years of existence. I’m sharing this so that you don’t need to waste half a life of yours 🙂

Let’s check the meaning of word ‘Sensitivity’:

• quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

• having a quick, delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.

• easily injured by slight changes.

Ernest Hartmann is a psychiatrist at Tufts University, known for his dream studies. Hartmann says our earthly lives are made up of boundaries—between past and present, between subjects and objects, between you and me etc. He identifies that sensitive minds have ‘thin’ boundaries that “do not clearly separate the contents of consciousness”, so that they “allow more of their environment to penetrate and ‘get’ to them..” [Psychology Today; August 2001]

This psychology is seeing only the apparent side of the phenomenon called ‘human sensitivity’. You even come across articles titled: How to handle delicate people. 🙂 Please be clear about this. Your sensitivity is not a problem. Your sensitivity is not an error. It’s a gift. A faculty so precious that can be put to use to unravel the greatest mystery that haunts us all: God.


Psychologists say all evidences prove that a sensitive person is not made by external circumstances, but born so. Nothing you are born with, is an accident. It is the result of your pre-birth choice, which most of us wrongly identify as ‘destiny’. Destiny is not written by any outside force, but you yourself on your soul level.

If you are a sensitive person, an empath, know that you are born with a tool to break through the greatest mystery of life. It need not be looked down upon as an organic error that corners you in social life. Introversion is a faculty that helps one to withdraw from social buzz so that one can enquire within. But parents and schools and doctors would do everything possible to drag you out to make you ‘normal’. It’s like forcing a child who writes with left hand to switch over to use right hand.

Get away from them, go into yourself and do what you came to do in this life. Just don’t fall for social stupidities. There cannot be just one way of living. You can choose to live the way you choose to live and that will be just perfect for your greater purpose in life, which the people around you might not understand.


Unfortunately, sensitivity is mostly abused in our contemporary cultures. Both by HSP and by people around. Look at how sensitivity works under different parameters: Becoming an atheist is the result of a choice of that person to be ‘fear sensitive’. Same applies to a communist or an activist for the underdog who wishes interiorly the good of all and yet responds with violence. ‘Fear Sensitivity’ is a choice. Many social activists around us exhibit signs of having chosen fear sensitivity rather than ‘Love Sensitivity’. Love sensitivity, on the other hand, helps you dig up mighty treasures within you and set you on a path of priceless discoveries.

Every problem that springs out of your sensitivity is imagined. Every opportunity that sprouts out of your sensitivity is actually ignored.


With attention through awareness, you can make use of your sensitivity. You can know what it really means and why you chose to be a sensitive type in this lifetime. Look within with a spiritual eye, not your ‘social eye’ and you’ll see your sensitivity has a grand function. Instead of wasting yourself in personal hurts, you can choose to put to use your true creative power and crack what you wish to. Elise Lebeau, a professional intuitive points out: “Once they can sort out their emotional state, empaths can step into the deep spiritual experience that awaits them.”

“The Children of God are entitled to perfect comfort, which comes from a sense of perfect trust. Until they achieve this, they waste themselves and their true creative power on useless attempts to make themselves more comfortable by inappropriate means.” [A Course in Miracles]

Like photographic materials are prepared to respond rapidly to the action of light, your sensitive mind has prepared you to respond quickly to your inner calls. Perhaps you are not listening. Perhaps you never knew there was an inner voice that is trying to reach you. Perhaps you have simply chosen to believe in only what you see with your eyes.

That’s a pity.

Remember, your beliefs about your sensitivity can create a heaven or a hell for you. Till the day you realise the true power of your sensitivity, your delicate nature is likely to give you reasons to be unhappy. Only by knowing and accepting your innate power you can embrace yourself in love.

Don’t you think you are worthy of your love?


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