It was a plush car. A few minutes into drive, I realised it wasn’t just a car. It was a micro-movie called life.

Someone very close to me was driving. He was in panic, unable to navigate through the challenging weekend traffic. Passing cars quickly lined up behind us. And the honking began. A passer-by showed hand signs to help. A rickshaw guy rushed in, offering advice.

Like life. Souls out of nowhere appearing with love.

My friend refused any help. Like life. Puffed up with defences of ego. I sat embarrassed, not knowing how to drive. A few mis-starts, jerking attempts, and honkings later, the car moved. My buddy turned more abusive. At the night traffic, at me. It was judged I caused this driving disaster; rather, my presence.

I wished I’d some sense of humour. Like if I could pull a Jim Carrey face or something. Or better, do a Hancock. But then, most of us can’t do that, right? It was an ordeal for us both through the next hour. The car further got caught in an unruly traffic snarl. More dramatics followed. The person’s rage was intense. I began to pray. I don’t know if I looked like an idiot. But I held my arm to pat him: ‘See, now you’re doing better, it’s okay, please drive on.’

Evidently, the car episode was the pinnacle of what he was going through in life. It’s pretty hard to swallow our pride when we are abused. But would it make some difference in you if you knew this secret? That their attacks are in truth, forms of a secret appeal to us for love! Those who come to argue, abuse and constantly to be at odds with you… are all screaming for your help; for your healing, for your love for their inner child who has fared worst in life.


Dr. Masaru Emoto, got famous by testing waters with words of love and hate. He did similar experiments with rice in three bottles. After thirty days, the ‘Thank You!’ rice fermented. ‘You’re An Idiot’ rice turned black. And the ‘ignored’ rice rotted. According to Emoto, the ignored rice fared with worst results.

Feel free to dismiss Emoto’s experiments as pseudo-science. Feel free to dismiss the validity of a touch of warmth during a driving disaster. Like life. Perceptions differ. No arguments here. I’ve only a sense of gratitude to the text that taught me to “…perceive in sickness but another call for love, and offer your brother what he believes he cannot offer himself.”*

Here we come to a special and beautiful kind of understanding: Only our loving thoughts are true. Everything else we do are our secret appeals for love. No matter what form it takes. Including writing essays like this 😉

“If you are unwilling to perceive an appeal for help as what it is, it is because you are unwilling to give help and to receive it. To fail to recognise a call for help is to refuse help. Would you maintain that you do not need it?”*

All of us ask for love silently, secretly, even without knowing. The chain of giving and receiving peace never ends if we don’t fall for the appearances of things, situations, people. If we stop judging by the form, we begin to break a visible pattern of lovelessness. It was hard for me. But I am glad I did it.

Don’t fall for the lipstick on the laughters or the aftershave from the bodies. All of us are wrecks within. We don’t show because we don’t know.

What kills more people in this world is not driving errors. It is lack of love.

[ *All quotes are from A Course in Miracles ]



  1. Masaru Emoto, born July 22, 1943, is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.